Abdulwahab Albana

What drives me is the means and not the end result.. Creating art through words and photos is fused into my character that it does not seem like a job; rather a natural extension of who I am.

Abdulwahab albana Producer and photography and filmmaking since the tender age of 15 is a passionate, dynamic and forward thinking filmmaker on a quest to leave his mark in the Middle East.

The extensive background of skills and expertise acquired through the years allowed Abdulwahab developed a fascination for computers and graphic design since his high school days. His first, independent portfolio led him to begin his professional path within the field, collaborating with clients and institu-tions on a local level, as well on an international standpoint.


Photography Workshops French Culture Center : Altotype technique workshop by Alfons Alt. His role in film maker New York Academy German House : serial photography workshop by Andreas Rost.

British Council : Photography workshop by Tim Smith.

Intensive course in professional photography editing Malaysia.

Product in a company.Brand Details

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